Field Day Potluck

School Site Rules

There shall be no smoking in or about school buildings and premises nor shall intoxicants or narcotics be used nor shall profane language, quarreling, fighting or gambling be permitted.

Club Potluck 5 PM Saturday, June 25

We will have a limited number of chairs, so you may want to bring a backup.

The club will be providing:

  • Brisket by KG6YVD
  • Coffee
  • Bottle water
  • Paper plates
  • Plastic utensils
  • Napkins

Below look at what everybody else is bringing, then fill in form, try to pick a under represented category.

  • Fill in what your are bringing, and number of people in your group.
  • Fill in “Name” field with your call.
  • Email address is needed, but is not published.
  • Website is not needed.

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  1. KG6HSQ

    Chocolate chip cookies.
    Party of 1.

  2. KJ6UMY

    Turkey Chili
    Party of 2

  3. Stephen

    Saffron Vegetable Rice dish
    Party of 2

  4. N6OUI

    Watermelon (Man)
    Party of 1, Possibly 2

  5. N6EEG

    Corn bread

  6. KM6UFF

    Blackberry cobbler (fresh from the garden)
    Party of 1

    1. Randy

      Corn on the Cob

  7. R Don Dillon

    Party of 3

  8. KJ6AFD

    Party of 2

  9. W6VR

    Soft Drinks

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