Digital Data Communications

Why Digital Data Communications?

  • Accuracy of messages.
  • Easier relay of messages.
  • Interfaces to internet email.
  • Most times faster than voice and CW.
  • Easy hard copy print out.
  • Less operator fatigue.

RMS Express is the main computer program used to pass messages and control the radio. To become familiar and maintain profundity with this system it is recommended that you install this software on your computer. You do not need a radio interfaced to your computer to use this program, a internet connection is all that is needed to send and receive messages on the system. RMS Express consists of a main email client type interface for managing messages. The session modules for interfacing to the internet (Telnet WL2K), VHF packet network (Packet WL2K), HF network (Pactor WL2K, Winmor WL2K) and a way to pass messages with out the network (P2P), have similar layout.

To keep proficient join the Winlink/FLMSG net that passes a weekly exercise message, and provides Elmer. They use a additional program FLMSG for form formatting and displaying messages. To join Rob’s, K6RJF drill write him at k6rjf.rob @ (remove anti-spam spaces to use).

Winlink 2000: RMS Express

RMS Express is the preferred Winlink 2000 (WL2K) radio email client. It is in active development by the Winlink Development Team and is well-supported. RMS Express is designed to be most easily used by single users with a single call sign but it may be used to access one or two preset tactical addresses or alternate call signs. RMS Express supports a wide selection of TNCs and multimode controllers, the new sound card mode WINMOR, as well as support for HF Pactor, SCS Robust Packet, VHF/UHF packet and direct telnet to WL2K CMS servers (for amateur radio High Speed Multimedia [HSMM], D-Star DD mode, or internet).

System Requirements: 32 or 64 bit Windows OS (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 2003 Server), or under Windows on the Mac using a VM engine or dual boot arrangement. Windows XP systems require Microsoft .NET v3.5 runtime installed. There are minimal CPU demands with the exception of WINMOR operation. The heavy DSP demands of WINMOR require a computer of at least 700 MHz Pentium/Celeron class and at least 512 Meg of memory. If multiple applications are running concurrently a faster computer and more RAM may be required.Home page
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K4REF Videos

8-METERSinc Winlink “RMS Express – Part 1”
9-METERSinc Winlink “RMS Express – Part 2”
10-METERSinc Winlink “RMS Express – Part 3”
11-METERSinc Winlink “RMS Express – Part 4”
12-METERSinc Winlink “RMS Express – Part 5”

Video of down load, install, running.

Video from same group on the TNC (packet hardware) configuration, of limited interest to most.

Video from a different source.

A sound card program if you want to monitor packet activity with out need of hardware TNC. Does not talk to RMS Express at this time.