Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club Bulletin

February 2024

We Will Be Doing A Live Meeting February 3

And Zoom If Everything Works.

Members To Get Email Invite
Visitors Will Need To Contact Webmaster.

[email protected]

The Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club normally meet at 3:00 PM on the first Saturday of the month.

Normal Meeting Location, The Scout Hut, 231 E. Hawthorne St. Map

This Months Meeting Agenda

  • Software-Defined Radio (SDR), Receiver Intro

Fallbrook Amateur Radio Renewals

NameCallDate Expires
Third Notice

Berkey, David KN6UXT 11/30/2023
Second Notice

Foy, William N6OUI 12/31/2023

Deneau, Fred KD6IKA 12/31/2023
First Notice

Cline, Ed KM6CXZ 1/31/2024

Lopez, Charles WK3Y 1/31/2024

Member Renew

Upcoming Local Events

– Avocado Festival, April 21

– Field Day 2024, June 22-23

Upcoming ARES & Community Events 

Join ARES to get more information. https://www.sdgares.net/

February 3, 2024 Poway Antenna Clinic https://www.facebook.com/events/6279604048808949

February 10, 2024 @ 0800 ARES Meeting (with Stop The Bleed presentation by Mike N2DDS)

March 9, 2024 @ 0800 ARES Meeting (with GMRS presentation by Bruce AI6Q) 

News & Views


FALLBROOK 10 METER NET Every Wednesday evening 7:30pm 28.340 USB Ruben KD6CWI Net control Join the group for a good rag chew.

de W6VR

Can Flow Batteries Finally Beat Lithium? – IEEE Spectrum



Evolution of Data Storage Devices

USB-C Tutorial for Everybody (Connector, Cable, PD, Data Transfer, Devices)


Chicago-area Tesla charging stations lined with dead cars in freezing cold


Winter weather presenting EV owners with ‘frustrating’ challenges


Why Germany has 11 fake bus stops


HP sued (again) for blocking third-party ink from printers, accused of monopoly


Chrome updates Incognito warning to admit Google tracks users in “private” mode

“You’ve gone Incognito. Now you can browse privately, and other people who use this device won’t see your activity.” Other users of the same computer can’t see your activity, however THE REST OF THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE CAN. Gotta keep those marketing dollars rolling in…

Why are there black dots on windshields?

I would never have guessed…

Microsoft network breached through password-spraying by Russian-state hack


Why is There an Epidemic of Bad Refrigerators?

Problem is government efficiency standards and product value engineering (i.e. reducing cost).

The Zip Tie Story

Meeting Minutes

Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club
Roy Noon Meeting Hall, Fallbrook, California
January 6, 2024

President Ron Patten, KG6HSQ, called the meeting to order at 1502 hrs.

The pledge of allegiance was conducted by Ron, KG6HSQ.

Ron, KG6HSQ, conducted elections by asking for candidates. Hearing none, he called for a motion to renew the current slate of officers. Bob, W6RMG, made a motion to continue the current officers. Charles, KK6OBH, seconded the motion. The motion was approved by unanimous vote of members present.

Brent, KJ6UMY, gave the following financial report:

Checking Balance November 30, 2023 $7,656.81
Petty Cash Balance November 30, 2023 $391.81
Total $8,048.62

Membership Dues $100.00
Total $100.00

None $0.00
Total $0.00

Petty Cash Balance November 30, 2023 $391.81
Cash Additions $20.00
Total $411.81

Checking Balance December 31, 2023 $7,736.81
Petty Cash Balance December 31, 2023 $411.81
Total $8,148.62

Ron, KG6HSQ, displayed the new club banners. One is a smaller form of the current banner suitable to the front of a table. The second is a large version of Lee’s “Where’s the Fire” card.

Ron, KG6HSQ, called for a recap of the 2023 Fallbrook Christmas Parade. A Thanks You to groups volunteering was presented in the Village News. Ron reported that the Sheriff’s Office has requested the emergency notifications be made directly to 911, rather than to officers present at the event. Full information should be provided to the dispatcher. The event had a record crowd.

Ron, KG6HSQ, presented SWR plots of the before and after of the connector repair of the 2m Red Mountain repeater. The repair involved removing an existing connector, trimming coax to eliminate a section with water intrusion and installing a new connector.

Ron, KG6HSQ, requested that SDGARES members login to the web site to verify their active status with the organization. Hams wishing to become members can do so at sdgares.org. Members are encougraged to take ICS classes, especially ICS-100 and ICS-200.

Ron, KG6HSQ, showed a website protection report for the club website with 544 attempts to penetrate the site in the last month.

Ron, KG6HSQ, presented a recap of last year and projects on the list of 2024. Last year, equipment was installed at Lee’s, KM6UFF, QTH to provide redundancy for the web feed of the repeater and Cal Fire. This year Ron plans to implement an email system to allow members to distribute information to all FARC members with a single destination. He called for any other ideas for projects.

Stephen, KC6MIE, called for ideas the activity days.

The next club event is the Fallbrook Avocado Festival on April 21st.

Wayne, K6BFR, reported that the Fallbrook Car Club event will be on May 26th on Main Avenue.

Hayden, KG6YVD, brought a ham digital clock for five away for an interested member.

Ron, KG6HSQ, sadly reported that Ron Bell’s, W6BJO, wife passed away. A card has been sent on behalf of the club.

President Ron Patten, KG6HSQ, adjourned that meeting at 1555 hrs.

Brent Dussia, KJ6UMY
Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club