Fallbrook Christmas Parade 2021

The Fallbrook Christmas Parade is on December 4th, looking for operators for this event. Check in time 3 PM, depending on assignment to 7 PM. Indicate if you are unable to walk the length of Main Av. Basic equipment needed, HT with external mic, ear piece recommend, clip board, flashlight, walking shoes. More details will be provided before event. This is a fun event and good training for operating during emergency.
Contact: [email protected]


CallNameNew To
KJ6AEUOlms, RandyNoY
KD6CWITiosejo Jr., RubenYesY
KG6HSQPatten, RonNoY
KN6HTXDelahunt, MikeYesY
N6OUIFoy, BillNoLow WalkY
KM6UFFStandley, LeeNoY
KJ6UMYDussia, BrentNoHave VestY
W6VRGonsett, RobertNoY
KG6YVDPerrine, HaydenNoHave VestY
KG6YWBWeldy, AndrewNoY
KN6PILSomers, RobertYesY
W6RMGGill, BobNoY
KM6QBDCostello, LindaNoY
KM6VXOBuntin, PaulNoY
N6QMFKorkowicz, BillNoY
KK6NOOKnox, DeweyNoY
KI6RXXGreg, GregNoY
KN6QJLDeville, DennisYesY
KN6MJHPollock, RogerYes
5 14 19