How To Hear Local Ham And Fire Radio Over The Internet

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Primary audio stream source relies on power(SDG&E circuit # 520), cable(Spectrum), radios, and computer, a disruption of any of them could take it offline until corrective actions are taken. If offline check back latter. 

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San Diego (County)
Fallbrook Amateur Club Repeaters and CAL FIRE

Frequencies used for vegetation fires can be received locally VHF radio or scanner.

  • FARC repeater (146.175 MHz) has priority.
  • FARC repeater (445.600 MHz) has priority.
  • Camp Pendleton Fire, Dispatcher Only (149.775 MHz).
  • XSD CMD-21 (153.81050 MHz)
  • Cal Fire Monte Vista Dispatch MVU-1 (151.190 MHz)
  • Cal Fire MVU-2 (151.3325 MHz)
  • Cal Fire Command 3 (151.340 MHz)
  • Cal Fire Command 2 (151.265 MHz), if relevant.
  • Cal Fire Command 1 (151.355 MHz), if relevant.
  • Cal Fire Air Operations, if relevant.

List Of Local VHF Fire Frequencies For Scanner Radio (PDF)