By Bill Dewey, WD6AHW
Jan 1999

Club Call: N6FQ

The Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club was founded in the latter part of 1987 by Jack Honts, WD0DLW (SK), and Franklin Cassen, N6AT (SK).

The club was originally named the “Fallbrook Amateur Radio Society”.

The first 3 or 4 meetings were held at the Alpha Beta Market Coffee Shop, (now Lucky’s) and then moved to the Fallbrook Public Library. In August 1997 it was moved to the Fallbrook Public Utilities District (FPUD) building due to renovations of the library. Since moving to the library and then to FPUD, meetings have been made even more enjoyable with the serving of refreshments by Mable Field, W6YZV, assisted by her husband Harry, W6LKC.

Jack Honts was elected President the first year and held that office through 1990.
Don Tippet, N6TRS, was President in 1991 and 1992.
Stephen Spencer, KC6MIE, was President in 1993.
Bill Dewey, WD6AHW, was President in 1994.
Mario Massens, KE6JOJ, was elected president in 1995, however he did not serve and Bill Dewey filled the vacancy.
Stephen Spencer, KC6MIE, was President in 1996, and 1997.
George Shippey, N6YMH, was President in 1998, along with Bill Dewey, WD6AHW, as Vice President, Dale Sinner, W6IWO, as Secretary, and Stephen Spencer, KC6MIE, as Treasurer

The Officers for 1999 are:
Joel Brown, KE6FHS, President
Don Zumwalt, WD9BBC, Vice President
Dale Sinner, W6IWO, Secretary
Stephen Spencer, KC6MIE, Treasurer
Bill Dewey, WD6AHW, Director.

The Fallbrook HF net was started in June of 1988 by Gene Field, WB6MSE, on 28.325, and later taken over by Harry Field, W6LKC. Harry continues the net on 28.340 +/- QRM at 20:00hrs local time every night.

On November 9th, 1993, the Fallbrook Area Amateur Radio Emergency net was started by Bill Dewey as net manager, assisted by Ray Miller, KK6CA, and Mario Massens, KE6JOJ.
This net meets every Tuesday night on the Fallbrook repeater system, at 19:00 hrs on 146.175 + /pl. 107.2 , which is linked with, 448.900 – /pl. 103.5, and 146.175 + /pl. 103.5. The latter freq. is a satellite receiver on the Fire Department tower and retransmitted on the Red Mountain site.

In 1997 Stephen Spencer obtained a club call from the FCC, KF6JJM, now changed to N6FQ.

Effective February 9, 1998 the Fallbrook WA6IPD Repeater was transferred to the Fallbrook Amateur Club by Art Rideout.

As of March 1st 1998 the Repeater system moved to the tower on Red Mountain with the club call identifier, N6FQ, and linked to the 70 cm repeater donated by Chris Durso, AA4CD.

The repeater system was designed by our Technical committee, Chris Durso, Bob Gonsett, W6VR, and AA4CD Bob Morrow, WB6DIJ,.

Franklin Cassen’s old call, N6AT, was obtained by Gayle Olson, K6GO, for the Fallbrook High School Radio Club in 1997.