Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club Bulletin October 2021

We Will Be Doing A Virtual Zoom Meeting.

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[email protected]

The Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club normally meet at 3:00 PM on the first Saturday of the month.

Normal Meeting Location, The Scout Hut, 231 E. Hawthorne St. Map


  • Member’s Projects, Show pictures, and/or talk about what you’ve been up to.
  • Electronic Membership Form
  • Christmas Parade, 12/4/21 1500-1900

Fallbrook Amateur Radio Renewals

NameCallDate Expires
Third Notice

Swain, Julie KG6QAB 7/31/2021

Taylor, Stephen K6SJT 7/31/2021

Duffy, Michael W6MJD 7/31/2021
Second Notice

Bell, Ron W6BJO 8/31/2021

Olms, Randy KJ6AEU 8/31/2021

Buntin, Paul KM6VXO 8/31/2021
First Notice

Weldy, Andrew KG6YWB 9/30/2021

Gill, Bob W6RMG 9/30/2021

Worthen, Rick N6FLY 9/30/2021

Membership Form


9/11 Video about Tom McGuinness

There was an article in yesterday’s Village News about Tom McGuiness, co-pilot on the first plane to hit the World Trade Center. He and his family lived in Fallbrook and went to Riverview before they moved east for his job. I had never seen this video before but it is so awesome and moving I thought you all might like to see it if you haven’t already. The interview took place in 2013, and the memorial service in the video was done at Riverview.

de W6VR

FCC’s Communications Status Report for Areas Impacted by Hurricane Ida – 8/31/21

The charts and graphs are fascinating:

Local Frequency Standards

KNX, 1070 kHz, Los Angeles, lost its GPS lock some months ago but is once again right on frequency (1070.0000 kHz). Several TV stations are GPS locked and serve as local frequency standards. In San Diego, for example, the DTV pilot signal from KPBS(TV) is right on frequency at 500.328844 MHz. And KPBS has an excellent track record of staying right on frequency.

Is This the End for Lithium-ion Batteries? – IEEE



Mobile Teletypewriter Military Communications

My new mobil digital coms equipment, hi hi


Radio Amateur Training Planning and Activities Committee (RATPAC) comprises ARRL section managers, appointed field leadership, and membership. Together, we host nationwide Amateur Radio Zoom presentations twice-a-week, Wednesdays on general radio topics and Thursdays on amateur radio emergency communications. The topics are selected from audience recommendations that the planning committee then seeks topic experts or discussion panel members. The presentation audience consists of thousands of amateur radio operators worldwide who participate directly in the Zoom sessions or with video links of the presentation and related documentation sent out after each session.

QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo Presentations August 2021

Has the RF exposure evaluations video, played at last meeting.


GM throws LG under the bus as Chevy Bolt production pauses amid recall


Affordable, Foldable House

The Universe is Hostile to Computers

In space and military systems we had to deal with prompt, total dose and SEUs, depending upon the application and environment.

Ed Hare W1RFI – How to Comply With the FCC RF-Exposure Rules


Best Water Filter?

Brita, ZeroWater, PUR, Berkey, Aquaphor, AquaTrue

Project Farm is a great youtube channel for unbiased product evaluations.

Firefly Video and Analysis

Farewell Sir Clive Sinclair; Inspired A Generation Of Engineers

Owned one of these, seem to remember it came as a kit.

Trip to a Communications Site

Meeting Minutes

Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club
Virtual Meeting, Fallbrook, California
September 4, 2021

President Ron Patten, KG6HSQ, called the virtual Zoom meeting to order at 1504 hrs.

A pledge of allegiance was conducted by Forrest, KK6BYR.

Brent, KJ6UMY, gave the following financial report.

Checking Balance July 31, 2021 $7,692.90
Petty Cash Balance July 31, 2021 $78.81

Membership Dues $40.00
ARRL Dues $0.00

P.O. Box Rental $134.00

Petty Cash Balance July 31, 2020 $78.81
Expenses August 2021 $0.00
Cash Additions August 2021 $0.00
Total $78.81

Checking Balance August 31, 2021 $7,598.90
Petty Cash Balance August 31, 2021 $78.81
Total $7,677.71

Ron, KG6HSQ, report that our 2m replacement antenna for the repeater on Red Mountain has
not shipped yet, the manufacturer is waiting for parts. The possible ship date is September 13th.

Ron, KG6HSQ, reviewed our new website electronic membership form. The first attempt for
payment was to use Paypal, but he could never make his way through the verification process.
Paypal did not understand clubs and required documentation unique to businesses. Ron looked
for other alternatives and settled on stripe.com. The trial form is up on the website for testing.
Ron demonstrated the use of the online forms. He hopes it will be available for actual use next

Ron, KG6HSQ, played a presentation from the QSO Ham Expo by Ed Hare, ARRL Laboratory
Manager, on the new FCC rules for hams on required RF exposure evaluations.

Brent, KJ6UMY, presented example calculations to determine is evaluation is required and
showed calculations using the ARRL online exposure calculator.

Bob, W6VR, commented on situations that might be of concern and offered additional
considerations relative to the E & M fields radiated by antennas.

Ron, KG6HSQ, reported that the Chaparral Fire is now 85% contained. Incident command has
be transferred from CalFire to USFS Cleveland. Significant progress has been made and units
have been released from the fire.

Lee, KM6UFF, commented that he has hear that most antenna radiation if from the antenna
feedpoint. Bob, W6VR, responded that there both electric and magnetic fields are radiated and
from different points on an antenna. Comprehensive surveys consider both E & M fields and the
emission points change for different frequencies on multi-band antennas.

Stephen, KC6MIE, offered that next Saturday, September 11th through September 19th the
Route 66 contest is going on. It’s a fun event with a nice certificate available. Route 66 on the air
has a special logging sheet that they want you to use.

Lee, KM6UFF, found the FCC document on of cell site and communication outages during the
hurricane, sent out by Bob W6VR, interesting. In some counties 95% of the cell sites were out.
This points out the continued importance of ham radio.

President Ron Patten, KG6HSQ, adjourned that meeting at 1620 hrs

Brent Dussia, KJ6UMY
Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club