Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club Bulletin February, 2020

The Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club normally meet at 3:00 PM on the first Saturday of the month.

Normal Meeting Location, The Scout Hut, 231 E. Hawthorne St. Map


  • Battle Of Midway
  • Annual Election

Fallbrook Amateur Radio Renewals

Name Call Date Expires
Third Notice
Carlson, David WA6DKN 12/31/2019
Second Notice
Gibbs, Gregory
First Notice

Baker, Noel KI6QYU 2/29/2020
Beach, Paul WA6SYA 2/29/2020
Borg, Randy KJ6YPO 2/29/2020
Eyerman, Jim
Paldino, Sal
KN6S 2/29/2020
Perrine, Hayden KG6YVD 2/29/2020
Perrine, Krissy KR6SSY 2/29/2020
Skinner, Mark KF6MZQ 2/29/2020

There will be no more paper notices mailed due to the rising cost of postage and supplies. All future notices will be sent electronically.

See Members List for your expires date.

Updated version of Lee’s KM6UFF, Excel tool for designing battery backup systems, is posted on website.

Down load spread sheet

de K6RJF

Documentary on lessons learned from the Paradise Fire

If you have not yet watched this excellent video, it is worth an hour of your time and will hold you to the end. Perhaps you already received the link from several sources.

(When you start the video, you might have to rewind it to the beginning because it seems to jump into the middle.)

Hamfests during 2020

For your calendars and scheduling considerations:

Yuma Hamfest


February 14-15, 2020

DX Convention, aka “Visalia”


April 24, 25 & 26, 2020

Note: the event organizers plan to publish the 2020 seminar schedule for Visalia after they finalize the schedule.

Lakeside Hamfest (off Hwy 67)


October 3, 2020 (one day event)

Note: the 2019 seminar schedule is still on the web site, but it gives you an idea of the typical presentations.

Pacificon in San Ramon, CA (San Francisco Bay area)


October 16, 17 & 18, 2020

Note: the 2019 seminar schedule is still on the web site, but it gives you an idea of the typical presentations.

For a longer list of Hamfests, see: http://www.arrl.org/hamfests-and-conventions-calen…


How far can Voyager 1 go before we lose contact?

Getting Started: Yubikey 5c Updated:2020

Learn how to use Yubikey 5c security key from Yubico to protect your online accounts.

747 Global Supertanker ‘Camp’ fire Day 6 UPDATE McClellan Load and Return

Woofferton shortwave transmitting station

Power Supply Troubleshooting and Repair Tips

County Launches Evacuation Plan Focused on Vulnerable People


International Morse code not American Morse code

We don’t use the Morse code that was invented by Morse


de W6VR

Score One for the Good Guys

Another step forward in the fight against robocalls

(this while the robocallers retrench for the next onslaught):


The Miraculous W9FQN

Stan Rohrer, W9FQN, past president of the Palomar Amateur Radio Club and hiking buddy for W6VR, is a downright miraculous and inspirational guy despite the loss of both of his legs. Nothing slows him down. He writes:

“…it appears as though my 90th birthday [skydiving] jump made the TV stations here in San Diego. It was covered by several Stations and then the San Diego Tribune. The “freefall” was about 120 mph but slowed down when the parachute opened.My real excitment was the evening before when I received my Driver’s license good unti 2025! Be sure to click on the video. Stan”


How to Listen to Real Spy Broadcasts Right Now


Some U.S. Commercial Drone Deliveries Will Finally Be a Thing in 2020


Experts Say California Wildfires Not Caused by Climate Change

Here is an interesting story we are not likely to see widely publicized in the conventional media:


About NexGen TV and 5G


The Lego Drone

Sooner or later, we know that someone would do this. Now it has been done:

An Interesting Type of Radar


Vehicle-to-Everything Communications


On 5G Deployment, An FCC Commissioner’s View


Your Next Car Will Be Watching You More Than It’s Watching the Road

“If all of this sounds like a recipe for disaster, that’s because it has all the ingredients”



To replace gas taxes, Oregon and Utah ask EVs to pay for road use


Creative (and complicated) road use tax schemes are on the horizon. Always good when you can’t figure out how you are being taxed.

US finally prohibits ISPs from charging for routers they don’t provide


Possible Spyware On Samsung Phones



Why Do Resistors Have A Color Code?


I learned it as “body-end-dot”.

Tetraethyl Lead: The Solution To One, And Cause Of Many New Problems


A little bit of automotive history.

Boeing: How the mighty have fallen


Internet routers running Tomato are under attack by notorious crime gang


Default logins again.

Apple cuts end-to-end encryption plans for backup after FBI complaines


Why isn’t California using more prescribed burns to reduce fire risk?


“There’s some friction, in that the particulate pollution and carbon dioxide emissions of prescribed burns are counted as human-caused, while emissions from wildfires go in a separate category. There’s no offset for prescribed burns reducing potential wildfire emissions.”

Smart scale goes dumb as Under Armour pulls the plug on connected tech


An every more common story, two in one day.

Commercial for IBM’s Selectric Typewriter 1960’s

My First Computer

The Intertec Superbrain

A couple of you will remember these (or the Compustar variation) from Fail-Safe Technology days. I repaired the broken connections in the horizontal output sections that happened in almost all the machines we had.

Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club
Roy Noon Hall, Fallbrook, California
January 4, 2020

President Jon Bart, K6QVA, called the meeting to order at 1500

Introductions were made

The pledge of allegiance was recited

Ken, W6MF, gave the following financial report

Checking Balance November 30, 2019
Petty Cash Balance November 30, 2019 $51.81

ARRL Dues $49.00
Membership Dues

ARRL Dues $47.00

Petty Cash Balance November 30, 2019 $55.81
Expenses December 2019 $0.00

Checking Balance December 31, 2019 $6,583.09
Petty Cash Balance December 31, 2019 $58.81

Ken provided a brief summary of financial activities for 2019:

ARRL Membership renewal/join through the club produced $54.00

Donations for the year were $205.00

Total operating expense for the club was $711.11 (Field Day, Liability Insurance, Trailer and Internet Service. There was $0.00 on Equipment maintenance/supplies)

Jane, KK6LBQ, announced that the CERT program had been awarded a $15K grant. CERT will begin holding classes again. These classes teach various emergency measures such as dealing with minor fires, search and rescue, triage, GoBag preparations and many other subjects. The first of these classes will be held on January 11th and 18th. Classes begin at 0900 and complete at 1800 each day. Classes will be held at 231 E. Hawthorne, Fallbrook. Must be 16 years of age or older. Individuals successfully completing both sessions will be CERT-qualified. All classes are free. For reservations and further information please contact Linda Bannerman, (760) 330-7979. Another 2 day class session will be held mid-February. Dates and location will be announced later. This is a great way to learn to help yourself, your family and your neighbors when first responders are not immediately available. It also prepares you to be of great help to your community during emergencies if you choose.

Lee, KM6UFF, presented the second of a series of programs about batteries. Most of his comparisons were between Lead Acid and Lithium batteries and had to do with charging, storing and various series and parallel battery configurations. He pointed out that the peak solar charging time in the Fallbrook area is approximately 5 hours. That is based on a fixed solar panel system. “Tracker” systems are available but are much more complex, cost more and are more expensive to maintain. He pointed out that a “multi-panel” system could provide more exposure time and is less expensive than the “tracker’ systems. He showed a computer spreadsheet where many different values of battery functions and information could be calculated. Demonstrations of “weak” batteries in both series and parallel were presented. Lee noted that when Lead Acid batteries are stored they should be stored and kept at 100% charge whereas Lithium batteries can be stored at 50% – 80%. However, the Lithium batteries should be brought to full charge at least every 2 – 6 months. When charging all batteries, in series or parallel, they should all be able to hold a full charge. A single “weak” battery in either system will compromise the charging of all the batteries.

With no further business the meeting adjourned at 1615.

Ken Dickson, W6MF
Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club

Members Dropped:
Michael Bart, KI6NRH, Moved from Area
Margaret Riley
Demy Riley
John Thomsen