Field Day 2003

Photographs by:
Bob Gonsett – W6VR
Ron Patten – KG6HSQ
Ken Dickson- W6MF

Welcome, if you were at Field Day and we did not get a picture of you, we apologize the photographers were so busy operating and having fun that we missed some of you.
Part of set up crew Steve – KE6GXP, Randy – KD6UAK, Daniel – AJ7SK, Ken – W6mf, Ron – KG6HSQ
10, 15 and 20 M beam,Chair in memory of:
Harry Field – W6LKC
Earnest Skinner – WB6AQZ
Bill Dewey – WD6AHW
Tent City Cushcraft R4 10/15/20M vertical, 3 element 2M SSB horizontal, 2M FM vertical, mast suspends a G5RV dipole antenna. Far right Red Mountain in background.
Ted – KD6AKT
Daniel – AJ7SK, Ron – KG6HSQ
Stephen – KC6MIE
Jim – KE6MRX, 2M FM operation. Highlights include independent power source, Armstrong rotator, weather resistant enclosure, with seating for operator and logger.
Jim – KE6MRX, in the early morning fog
Daniel – AJ7SK
Dan – K6NKC
Dick O’Brien – Village News
Bob – W6VR
Dan – KF6UFZ, David
Meals on Wheels, Sharon, Kenny – N6ALA
Stephen – KC6MIE
Jim – KE6MRX

Bob’s – W6VR Laser Demonstration

Laser CW sent over a three mile path was copied at the Field Day site.
The half-power beam width of the laser signal expanded to a diameter of about forty feet by the time it reached our Field Day QTH.
Dan – KF6NKC, Ron – KG6HSQ, Joel – KE6FHS
Sunday morning breakfast club