Field Day 2002

Photographs by:

Bob Gonsett – W6VR
Rose Ellen Wendelstein – KG6KTK
Ron Patten – KG6HSQ
Mac Hanson – W9WV

Tab DD goes into slot AC
Joel – KE6FHS Ted – KD6AKT
Chair in memory of Harry Field – W6LKC 10, 15 and 20 M beam
Foreground suspends a G5 (or G5RV) dipole antenna, and the 10, 15, 20M beam is visible in the background.
FARC Power & Light Randy – KD6UAK, Daniel – AJ7SK
Set up crew Joel – KE6FHS, Mac – W9WV, Daniel – AJ7SK, Stephen – KC6MIE Ted – KD6AKT, Randy – KD6UAK, Ron – KG6HSQ
Joel – KE6FHS, Getting the coffee ready, easy reach from the operating position.
Phil – WF6L
Daniel – AJ7SK, operating all day and night.
Randy – KD6UAK
Rose Ellen – KG6KTK, Mable – W6YZV
Bob – W6VR, Judy – WD6BEZ
CQ 220 MHz, Mac – W9WV
Tom – KJ6NA
Mac – W9WV, Gene – W6LKC
Ron – KG6HSQ, trying to contact the International Space Station
The Leonellis, Tim, Phil & P.J.
KF6UFZ + KF6VMF = Future Ham
Jim’s double barrel 2m, KE6MRX

Grave yard shift. Mac – W9WV

Laser CW sent over a three mile path was copied at the Field Day site.
The half-power beam width of the laser signal expanded to a diameter of about
forty feet by the time it reached our Field Day QTH.

Stephen – KC6MIE
Ted’s Antenna & Grill, Ted – KD6AKT
And a lovely field it was.
We Survived Field Day 2002 Mable – W6YZV, Ted – KD6AKT, Joel – KE6FHS, Ron – KG6HSQ, Randy – KD6UAK, Stephen – KC6MIE, Gene – W6LKC