Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club Bulletin February 2022

We Will Be Doing A Virtual Zoom Meeting February 5.

Members To Get Email Invite
Visitors Will Need To Contact Webmaster.

[email protected]

The Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club normally meet at 3:00 PM on the first Saturday of the month.

Normal Meeting Location, The Scout Hut, 231 E. Hawthorne St. Map


  • T-Hunt Tips
  • Avocado Festival, Sun, April 24

Fallbrook Amateur Radio Renewals

NameCallDate Expires

Moynihan, Roger K6RPM 10/31/2021

Miramontez, Randy WB6OSK 10/31/2021
Third Notice

Shoop, Rick AG6KL 11/30/2021
First Notice

Scott, Don KJ6DFU 1/31/2022

Flood, Michael KN6FDR 1/31/2022

Cline, Ed KM6CXZ 1/31/2022

McGowen, Timothy AF6GL 1/31/2022

de K6QVA

K6QVA reporting in from Smoky Mountain Country…

Saturday’s monthly FARC meeting, I wanted to attend on Zoom. Three hour time difference and an evening with my grandchildren changed my plans. VHF-UHF & HF station finally up and running. Using an end fed wire antenna for HF with LMR400 feed line. First impression, it’s simple and works very well. Unlike my Fallbrook QTH, I have elevation (highest point in the area) and it’s clear 360* around me. That alone makes a dramatic difference. Are we having FUN yet?! Pouring rain today, temps above freezing, all the snow is gone. Grandchildren had a blast for one day with their new Christmas sleds. Hope this finds Ya’all well.

de W6VR

US Government Forces Cars to Have ‘Kill Switch’ Available to Law Enforcement (and probably hackers).


Aircraft Radar Altimeters – Progress

This from Amateur Radio Newsline for Jan 28, 2022: FAA SETTLES INTERFERENCE ISSUE WITH MAJORITY OF AIRCRAFT STEPHEN/ANCHOR: The US FAA has made major progress on the issue of interference between 5G transmissions and airline altimeters. Kent Peterson KCØDGY brings us this update. KENT: For some models of Boeing, Airbus and Embraer aircraft, radio interference isn’t just an annoyance; it has the potential for deadly consequences. That was at the root of the US Federal Aviation Administration’s concern about 5G cell phone signals, which use the same C-band spectrum as some of the airliners’ altimeters. The FAA said planes landing in low-visibility conditions risked interference from mobile phones, naming Verizon and AT&T as two of the carriers. Now, in a dramatic turnaround of its position, the FAA has said that more than three-quarters of planes have altimeters that can filter out 5G transmissions and are in the clear. Some telecom and consumer advocates, such as attorney Harold Feld, publicly criticized the FAA for taking too long to evaluate altimeters after the FCC approved the cellular carriers’ use of the C-band in 2020. According to an article on the ArsTechnica website, the FAA only began vetting the altimeters in February 2021 once the FCC had auctioned off the spectrum to the carriers. The ArsTechnica article said that in 40 other countries where C-band spectrum is in use for cellular service, there have been no reports of 5G causing trouble with altimeters. In the US the FCC standards place a 200 MHz guard band between the cellular carriers and the frequencies used by the altimeters. More approvals are expected soon. For Amateur Radio Newsline I’m Kent Peterson KCØDGY. (ARS TECHNICA)


Speakers Series – Dr. Tamitha Skov, the Space Weather Woman

“Ugly” of “Coax” Baluns – John Portune W6NBC

Vintage 1962: RADAR Applications: Tracking, Communication Technology

Successful QRM / RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) Tracing!


The Pinouts Book


Voice of America Radio Towers – Controlled Demolition, Inc.

New Cars Will Nickel-and-Dime You – It’s Automotive As A Service


Marshall Fire

Marshall Fire destroyes entire subdivisions with hundreds of homes burned in Louisville, Co.

Re: 5 facts about the Apollo 11 moon landing – Acton Institute PowerBlog

I disagree with 2) . The guidance computer design was from the Charles Stark Draper Laboratory and while everyone wants to talk about “power”, the architecture and software were vastly more sophisticated than a “pocket calculator”.

Apollo Guidance Computer

If you haven’t watched CuriousMarc’s entire series on the restoration of an Apollo Guidance Computer, I highly recommend it.

The most important computer you’ve never heard of


Omicron is not mild and is crushing health care systems worldwide, WHO warns


How Dangerous Is A Bullet Shot In The Air?

I wasn’t expecting such a correct analysis…

Immune system vs. virus: Why omicron had experts worried from the start


Teen hacker finds bug that lets him control 25+ Teslas remotely

Makes me really want an internet connected car… “Convenience is the enemy of security.”

Tonga Volcanic Eruption

Safari and iOS users: Your browsing activity is being leaked in real time


Why Are Fluke Meters So EXPENSIVE?

I have a Fluke 12B multimeter that I probably bought in 1977 (one of several Fluke meters I currently own). A few years ago, Lesley wanted a multimeter for her science class. She doesn’t really understand ranges, so I wanted one with auto ranging. None of the inexpensive meters at the time offered this. I bought a used Fluke 12B in very good condition on Ebay for about $50. When I hooked mine and the new purchase up to the same voltage source, they read EXACTLY the same. Good video explaining the Fluke difference and why this was probably the case.

Cables Too Long? Try Cable Management Via DIY Coiling

Omicron’s wave is at least 386% taller than delta’s—and it’s crushing hospitals


Meeting Minutes

Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club
Zoom Meeting, Fallbrook, California
January 8, 2022

President Ron Patten, KG6HSQ, called the virtual Zoom meeting to order at 1505 hrs.

A pledge of allegiance was conducted by Forrest, KK6BYR.

President Ron, KG6HSQ, called for the election of officers. Stephen, KC6MIE, moved to re-elect the current officers. The motion was seconded and passed on a voice vote.

Brent, KJ6UMY, gave the following financial report.

Checking Balance November 30, 2021 $7,949.57
Petty Cash Balance November 30, 2021 $78.81

Membership Dues $160.00
Donations $101.00

ARRL Dues $47.00

Petty Cash Balance November 30, 2021 $78.81
Expenses November 2021 $0.00
Cash Additions November 2021 $21.00
Total $99.81

Checking Balance November 30, 2021 $8,191.57
Petty Cash Balance November 30, 2021 $98.81
Total $8,290.38

Brent, KJ6UMY, reported on ATT landline problems and a recent conversation with a field service tech. ATT has routing problems completing calls to some VOIP systems, including Spectrum phone customers. The tech interviewed indicated that ATT is not installing any new DSL connections and has no DSL spare equipments for service of existing DSL service. Current customers will have to switch to fiber (if available) or 25 mbs wireless. ATT also is not replacing an damaged copper phone lines in the area. Bob, W6VR, reported that after a year of attempts, ATT has restored his ability to call EDCO in Fallbrook.

Ron, KG6HSQ, gave a recap of the Christmas Parade There were few problems. These included some insubstantial barricades that were moved by spectators, too few law enforcement personnel and the light at Mission and Ammunition was not put on flashing red. Attendance for both participants and spectators was at about 75% of normal.

Stephen, KC6MIE, announced ARES San Diego Section Activity Day on Saturday, January 15th. Setup with be remote at the edge of the parking lot adjoining the Fallbrook Public Library. Various HF and FM bands will be supported. Stephen showed his new non-resonant end fed using Flexweave 14 ga antenna wire. He is very pleased with the flexible, non-kinking wire. Best price seems to be at amateurradiosupplies.com, for anyone interested.

Ron, KG6HSQ, inquired if any members were interested in a T-Hunt activity.

Ron, KG6HSQ, asked for any members that wanted to present projects they are working on.

Lee, KM6UFF, has been working on a portable, truck hitch mounted antenna mast made with push-up military antenna poles and painter pole braces.

Bob, W6VR, reported that the major pieces of the James Webb Space Telescope have been unfolded successfully.

Bob, W6RMG, explained that the JWST will be located at the L2 point as a stable location that offer shielding from much of the earth based interference

Ron, KG6HSQ, reported that the replacement 2M antenna for the Red Mountain Repeater is still on order.

Ron, KG6HSQ, described the many attacks on the club website. They have been reduced by blocking foreign IP addresses. Ron is also working on a storage box to fit on the tower trailer for the A3 beam antenna we use on Field Day. He has been experimenting with VARA on FM using sound cards. VARA is faster than packet and scales depending upon conditions. It is generally faster than WINMOR.

Lee, KM6UFF, has give a presentation on FARC to a local Rotary Club and has discovered there are two Rotary Clubs in Fallbrook. The second club has also requested a presentation.

President Ron Patten, KG6HSQ, adjourned that meeting at 1551 hrs.

Brent Dussia, KJ6UMY
Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club