Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club Bulletin September 2020

No Regular September Meeting We Will Be Doing A Virtual Zoom Meeting.

Members To Get Email Invite
Visitors Will Need To Contact Webmaster.

[email protected]

The Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club normally meet at 3:00 PM on the first Saturday of the month.

Normal Meeting Location, The Scout Hut, 231 E. Hawthorne St. Map


  • No Regular September Meeting, Virtual Meeting By Zoom.
  • Appoint interim Secretary/Treasurer
  • PayPal survey
  • Presentation: The De Luz Volcano

Fallbrook Amateur Radio Renewals

NameCallDate Expires
Lara, ConradKG6JEI6/30/2020
Duffy, MichaelW6MJD7/31/2020
Huhta, DavidN6EEG7/31/2020
Cooley, JerryWX6AAA8/31/2020
DiVecchio, MarkK3FWT8/31/2020
Kadien, TomAF6UL8/31/2020
Bart, JonK6QVA9/30/2020
Gill, BobW6RMG9/30/2020
Leonelli, PhilWF6L9/30/2020
Standley, LeeKM6UFF9/30/2020

de W6VR

20 Years Ago — Voices Riding on a Light Beam Through Space

Twenty years ago, Amateur Radio stations N6IZW (Kerry Banke) and W6VR (Bob Gonsett) had a 12.7 mile voice conversation over a red laser light beam shot through space during an Amateur Radio Field Day event. This set an amateur laser/voice distance record for San Diego County (not that distance was the goal). Here is a brief description of this fun project using inexpensive components available to hams at the time:
Today, many ordinary telephone conversations ride in tandem on light beams in buried fiber-optic cables. Before that, phone calls were carried by microwaves or copper wires, and before that two tin cans with string worked just fine. Tremendous technological progress has been made in a very short period of time.

SpaceX, Amazon & Rivals Overwhelming Space With Their Satellites | Observer


5 GHz proposed for unmanned aircraft systems operation



New SDR receiver coming out of Poland



Gonsett, Born to RF Engineering



SDR receivers

I thought you might find the following interesting. For the past several mornings I have been getting up at 1 am and checking the online SDR receivers on 40 and 80 meters. I was looking to see if there was one antenna better than all the rest and if there was much difference between the G5RV and Windom antennas. Here is what I found. The very best antenna was a terminated loop antenna in New Zealand, I received strong returns on both 40 and 80 with 100 watts. The G5RV vs Windom was interesting. I found 4 of each stateside. The Windom was the clear winner, Georgia and Wisconsin gave strong returns with 100 watts on both 40 and 80. One station in Massachusetts gave a strong return on 40 with 100 watts but I had to use 500 watts to get a strong return on 80, another Massachusetts station I had to use 500 watts to get a strong return on both 40 and 80. All G5RV stations gave no return on 80 but I did receive a strong return on 40 when I used 500 watts. Stations were in Massachusetts, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. My station, Icom IC-7300, AL-811 amp, and a Windom at 60ft.


Jaw Dropping Footage from Mars Rovers Rendered in Stunning 4K

Intro narration is very Rod Serling.

Porsche’s Printed Pistons Are Powerful And Precise


US government built secret iPod with Apple’s help, former engineer says


Man arrested for using a $2 bill at Best Buy

Used to see them more often. I still have a few.

1:150 Scale RC Car Build

Motorized with IR remote control. A little over 1 inch long.

NASA Mars 2020 Perseverance Launch

Florida teen charged as “mastermind” in Twitter hack hitting Biden, Bezos, and others


Non-Cuttable Aluminum/Ceramic Foam


New cars can stay in their lane—but might not stop for parked cars

“This may be a fundamental problem with this approach to driver assistance technology. The ADAS is supposed to do most of the driving, but the human driver is supposed to still monitor the system and make sure it doesn’t make mistakes. But our brains aren’t wired for this level of monotony. Monitoring a system that works correctly 99 percent of the time is in some ways harder—not easier—than just driving the car yourself. And monitoring a system that works correctly 99.9 percent of the time is even harder, because it’s that much easier for our brains to get distracted by something else.”

Snapdragon chip flaws put >1 billion Android phones at risk of data theft


FDA updates on hand sanitizers consumers should not use

Pretty much avoid anything made in Mexico.

Russell Kirsch: Pixel Pioneer And The Father Of Digital Imaging

RIP August 11, 2020

AT&T, T-Mobile fight speed tests that could prove their coverage maps wrong

Nothing to see here, move along.

Healthy 33-yr-old man first to have confirmed reinfection with SARS-CoV-2

“Researchers decoded the entire genetic sequences of the SARS-CoV-2 viruses isolated from the man in both infections and found that his two infections were caused by clearly different strains of the coronavirus. The first strain looked much like SARS-CoV-2 strains collected in April and March in the United States and England. The second was closely related to strains collected in England and Switzerland in July and August. Overall, there were 24 genetic differences between the two infecting viral strains, including significant differences in the code for the infamous spike protein.”

iOS 14 privacy settings will tank ad targeting business, Facebook warns

Facebook: Waaaaah!

Laser light beam conversation? 20 years ago, they did it


Russian tourist offered employee $1 million to cripple Tesla with malware

Days of the kiddy hacker are long gone. Ransomware has evolved into a major criminal enterprise using targeted attacks with demands from $5M to $16M reported.

Win 10 junkware remover per Steve Gibson.


Meeting Minutes

Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club
Virtual Meeting, Fallbrook, California
August 1, 2020

Vice-President Ron Patten, KG6HSQ, called the Virtual meeting to order at 1505

A video of the pledge of allegiance was presented.

Ken, W6MF, gave the following financial report.

Checking Balance June 30, 2020 $7,112.70
Petty Cash Balance June 30, 2020 $58.81

ARRL Dues $49.00
Donation $20.00
Membership Dues $280.00

ARRL Renewal Fees $47.00

Petty Cash Balance June 30, 2020 $58.81
Expenses July 2020 $0.00
Total $58.81

Checking Balance July 31, 2020 $7,414.70
Petty Cash Balance July 31, 2020 $58.81
Total $7,473.51

Ken reminded the membership that when ARRL dues are paid through the club that we can retain a portion of those funds. For renewals, the club retains $2.00 each and for each new ARRL membership we can retain $15.00. Up until this year the club has retained $22.00. (ARRL renewals can be made at anytime and the expiration date will be extended from the time of original expiration and not the renewal date)

Bob, W6VR, announced that the SpaceX shuttle is scheduled for splashdown tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon, weather permitting.

Ron, KG6HSQ, showed a full screen page of information about HamExpo. This year it will be an online event and is available for all. Their website: https://www.qsotodayhamexpo.com/ August 8th and 9th.

Ron demonstrated several Android Phone Applications that might be of interest to the Amateur radio community. These Apps can be downloaded from either the Google or App Store. 1. PulsePoint: This can provide information regarding activities around the North County Fire Protection District and other local agencies. It provides current and ongoing activities in our community. 2. ScannerRadio: From this APP stations can be chosen. Activities on the FARC repeater can be monitored with this app. There is a delay in this stream. 3: EchoLink: Echolink is a particularly good, worldwide, system for Amateur Radio. It can be connected via any Transceiver and has endless worldwide connections. Ron maintains an Echolink repeater on Red Mountain that is an open repeater and it also serves as a backup repeater for the FARC system. He asks that it not be “kerchunked”. 4. IHeart Radio: One of our main interest here is to be able to hear REZ Radio, FM 91.3 located at Pala. They stream into IHeart. REZ Radio monitors the FARC repeaters and are regularly active listeners. They have scanners and Amateur Radio Equipment at the station. (There are at least 2 Amateur Radio Operators at that station). 5 FlightRadar24: A Live action aviation system that shows aircraft, aircraft information, flights, and other information from around the world. Ron demonstrated a “closeup” map showing the flight activities of CalFire in the area of the “Apple Fire” (Riverside County). The live map shows the tracks of each aircraft in the area, including current movement. 6. HeavensAbove: This is a “Sky Chart (map)” that enables one to track the International Space station as well as many orbiting objects.

Following the presentation on the above APPs, Ron proceeded to bring up the FARC Home Page and began a demonstration on the use of the various functions of that page. He demonstrated the listing of members with their status and expiration dates. He moved over to the “General Information” Tab, “Cameras” and show various camera views from not only our local area but some a considerable distance from Fallbrook. Several camera shots showed the highly active Apple Fire in San Bernardino County. (There is a vast amount of information on this home page. It is very friendly to “navigate” and easy to use. There is also, to the right of the screen, a lot of history regarding the club over the years. Just click on any of the topics).

Following the presentation there was a general discussion of other topics by Bob, W6VR, Bob, W6RMG, Hayden, KG6YVD and others.

With no further business the meeting was adjourned at 1615

At one time there were 22 members and guest attending the virtual meeting.

Ken Dickson, W6MF
Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club