Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club Bulletin November 2021

We Will Be Doing A Virtual Zoom Meeting.

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[email protected]

The Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club normally meet at 3:00 PM on the first Saturday of the month.

Normal Meeting Location, The Scout Hut, 231 E. Hawthorne St. Map


  • Christmas Parade, 12/4/21 1500-1900
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Fallbrook Amateur Radio Renewals

NameCallDate Expires

Taylor, Stephen K6SJT 7/31/2021

Duffy, Michael W6MJD 7/31/2021
Third Notice

Olms, Randy KJ6AEU 8/31/2021

Buntin, Paul KM6VXO 8/31/2021
Second Notice

Weldy, Andrew KG6YWB 9/30/2021

Gill, Bob W6RMG 9/30/2021
First Notice

Moynihan, Roger K6RPM 10/31/2021

Miramontez, Randy WB6OSK 10/31/2021

Membership Form


Solar calculator rev 3

Replacement for the previous solar calculator

de W6VR

Can Wearables “Testify” Against Their Owners?


Jury rules in favor of Monsanto in Roundup cancer case


A Look Back at the Radio Newspaper of the Air


Cessna 340A Crash San Diego, CA 11 Oct 2021

Broadcast engineer Bill Lipis lives just a couple of miles from the October 11, 2021 twin-engine plane crash in San Diego County and writes as follows: “This pilot [the narrator of the following video] does a good summary of the Santee plane crash — what is known at this point….”

Many of us who are either private pilots or are connected with aviation in other ways may find this technical video to be of more than routine interest. Our condolences to those affected by this tragic accident.


The Storied History of the Ham Radio Callsign


$5.9 million ransomware attack on farming co-op may cause food shortage


Security audit raises severe warnings on Chinese smartphone models


Phone companies must now block carriers that didn’t meet FCC robocall deadline


Health workers get panic buttons as COVID deniers get violent


Scientists test medieval gunpowder recipes with 15th-century cannon replica

I can tell you what the addition of brandy was for, it allowed the testers to requisition brandy!

The Coming Copper Shortage: Aluminium Or Carbon Nanotubes To The Rescue?


A year later, 45% of COVID patients in Wuhan still have symptoms


Chinese Generator Review

FCC plans to rein in “gateway” carriers that bring foreign robocalls to US


Some vaccines last a lifetime. Here’s why COVID-19 shots don’t


Aluminum and Mercury

Gasoline-powered lawn mowers, leaf blowers to be banned under new California law

Newsom is welcome to come and mow my 2.5 acres with an electric weed whip. No more generators for Field Day or emergencies. No more chainsaws for fire fighters. No more trash pumps for FPUD. Mowing a golf course or a city park with an electric mower will be a treat. Look at the support from people in the comments. Everyone who lives in a city with a 10×10 lawn has no idea what goes on outside their small world. Wonderful utopian idea until you look at the details. It’s good to be king when you don’t have to worry about what the little people do.

FBI, others crush REvil using ransomware gang’s favorite tactic against it


Being Green, It’s A Rich Man’s Game

Gee, one of the woke finally wakes up…

Dangerous USB phone chargers

If you can suffer through his accent, there are interesting tear downs of a couple of Chinese (?) USB chargers. These poorly constructed adapters are everywhere. It’s a wonder more people don’t die. Be very very picky when you buy such devices.

ARRL Clean Signal Initiative on the horizon

By Dan Romanchik, KB6NU

In recent message to his Northwest Division membership, Mike Ritz, W7VO, described a new program that he’s gotten the ARRL to take on—the Clean Signal Initiative. He writes:

“After a few months gathering support from the amateur community for the project, the ARRL Clean Signal Initiative (CSI) is finally getting off the ground. The Board’s Programs and Services Committee approved the concept several months ago, and since then I have been canvassing some of the best known RF engineers in amateur radio to get their support and input. As a result, the team will be conducting our first Zoom call next week to lay out the next steps for the project. All I can say at this time is that there are some amateur radio “heavy hitters” behind this, and I believe will be a game changer for the ARRL.

For those that may be unaware of this project, here is a synopsis (or at least my vision):

1. The CSI gets the ARRL formally in the “technical standards” business. (Other technical organizations already do it: IEEE, UL, ASTM, and SAE, and others.) The ARRL currently tests new products to informal standards, with no real hard benchmarks for manufacturers to meet, other than the minimal standards outlined in FCC Part 97.307.

2. Creates and incorporates documented “best practice” standards and testing methodologies to ensure commercial amateur radio transmitters and amplifiers meet not only minimum FCC requirements for signal cleanliness, but push the envelope.

3. These new standards can be “home grown”, or passed through the IEEE, but I think it’s important they be also branded as “ARRL Technical Standards.”

4. Test new commercial transceivers and amplifiers against these standards.

5. Certify the transmitters and amplifiers that pass the standards: “CSI certified by the ARRL.”

6. Work with manufacturers to ensure compliance of those that don’t. (Market pressure will drive this.)

7. Market the program to the amateurs through QST.

8. Work with manufacturers and social media experts to create training materials to teach hams how to set up their equipment to ensure the cleanest transmitted signals. (This education part is key!)”

Rob Sherwood, NC0B, of Sherwood Engineering, who is most well-known for his ranking of receiver performance (http://www.sherweng.com/table.html), is part of this effort. You can see a video of a talk that he gave recently to the Sutton & Cheam Radio Society by going to https://youtu.be/IioApKRecrI. Also on the committee is Ward Silver, N0AX.

Based on my knowledge of how IEEE standards committees work, I stressed that the initiative should make every effort to get as many stakeholders—including manufacturers and users—involved as possible. Involving so many people may be cumbersome at times, but standards require consensus for them to be effective, and the only way to do that is to get everyone involved. I’d suggest that if you feel that you have something to contribute that you contact Mike directly. His email address is [email protected]


Dan Romanchik, KB6NU, is the author of the KB6NU amateur radio blog (KB6NU.Com), the “No Nonsense” amateur radio license study guides (https://KB6NU.Com/study-guides/), and often appears on the ICQPodcast (https://icqpodcast.com). When he’s not worry about how clean his signal is, he operates CW on the HF bands and teaches ham radio classes.

Meeting Minutes

Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club
Virtual Meeting, Fallbrook, California
October 2, 2021

President Ron Patten, KG6HSQ, called the virtual Zoom meeting to order at 1504 hrs.

A pledge of allegiance was conducted by Ken, W6MF.

Ron, KG6HSQ, showed the online newsletter. The Christmas Parade is coming up on December 4th, no information so far. There is a committee meeting in the next several weeks that will provide more information. On the club website, the electronic membership form is now available. Ron demonstrated the form. He highlighted the “Listen” link on the website for the internet feeds which include the trunked systems, VHF and our Red Mountain repeater. There was a fire today in Deluz. Ron showed pictures of the fire from Facebook.

Brent, KJ6UMY, gave the following financial report.

Checking Balance August 31, 2021 $7,618.90
Petty Cash Balance July 31, 2021 $78.81

Membership Dues $220.00
Contribution $50.00
Stripe Test $0.67


Petty Cash Balance August 31, 2020 $78.81
Expenses September 2021 $0.00
Cash Additions September 2021 $0.00
Total $78.81

Checking Balance September 30, 2021 $7,889.57
Petty Cash Balance September 30, 2021 $78.81
Total $7,968.38

Brent, KJ6UMY, showed the assembly of a 4:1 remote antenna switch circuit board from ebay. He also recommended two books he is reading: The Thread Across the Ocean by John Steele Gordon and The Victorian Internet by Tom Standange.

Ron, KG6HSQ, reported on a number of projects. He participated in the Route 66 event and made all but a couple of contacts. He recommended the Ratpac ham videos. His other projects included drain clearing after a large tree removal, the addition of remote tone controls to the Del Rey remote base, the removal of his old patio cover and the install of a new one, a new storage shed, and a new portable battery box (whew!).

Ken, W6MF, has been working on refurbishing and installing a Butternut vertical antenna he has had for about 40 years. He is attempting to find out the status of a Cushcraft R9 vertical that belonged to the SK across the street from his QTH.

Forrest, KK6BYR, has acquired a used GAP Titan DX that works on 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30, 40, 75 and 80 meters without radials.

Hayden, KG6YVD, has been working on his radio/220 repeater/commercial installation in and around his connex box. This includes 12 each 12v 170ah batteries for backup, a huge array of towers and antennas, road improvement, and a deck around the connex box.

Lee, KM6UFF, has made revisions to his solar and backup power calculator spreadsheet to ease navigation and data entry.

Ruben, KD6CWI, is a new club member. He has been setting up Winlink using Vara and doing some FT8 DXing.

Bill, N6QMF, showed us his new Ecoflow RIVER battery back/inverter emergency power source.

President Ron Patten, KG6HSQ, adjourned that meeting at 1622 hrs.

Brent Dussia, KJ6UMY
Fallbrook Amateur Radio Club